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Our views 28 April 2020

Sustainable investing in emerging markets

By George Crowdy, Fund Manager

5 min read

In launching the new RL Global Sustainable Equity Fund, we sought to create a single-asset fund that could select the best sustainable companies from around the world, whatever their country of domicile.

The world has changed and the lines between developed and emerging markets are extremely blurred. Many companies operate across borders and, provided your investment process is rigorous, there is no reason to exclude certain countries or companies from a global sustainable fund.

Consequently, we chose the MSCI All Countries World Index (ACWI) as the new fund’s benchmark, rather than the MSCI World. This brings into play 26 additional countries as well as the 23 developed markets. This creates a much larger opportunity set to seek out the best sustainable companies globally, including in technology-rich, high-growth countries like South Korea, China and India.

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