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Our views 14 May 2020

AD2030: the future of sustainable investing

By Mike Fox, Head of Sustainable Investments

5 min read

The world has certainly changed over the last 10 years. The cliché for taking readers back in time is to reference Apple products. In May 2010, the original iPad had just been launched, while consumers were looking forward to the new iPhone4, still a month from market.

The biggest change for me has been a silent revolution: the acceptance of sustainable investing. This reflects two developments. First, there is now strong evidence that integrating sustainability into investment decisions can enhance returns. Second, more consumers are considering not just what a product does, but the environmental and social context in which it has been produced. Such considerations are now increasingly a factor in their investment choices.

Some commentators attribute this increased awareness to the emergence of ‘millennials’. There is some truth in this: this generation now outnumbers baby boomers as adult consumers for the first time. However, older people can be just as passionate about sustainable investing, not least as they consider their legacy to their children.

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