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Governance and voting

We believe exercising our voting rights is a core part of what we do. We get involved with our investee companies to promote good corporate governance, and follow up our views with our votes.

In a typical year, we will vote at hundreds of company meetings, comprising thousands of resolutions across global investment markets.

Our approach to these issues is pragmatic and based on local market best practice, evolutions in our thinking and client feedback about what is most important to them and society as a whole.

We strongly believe in the benefits of voting ‘as a house,’ and by doing so we send a clear and consistent message to companies about our expectations and concerns. While we will often start engaging with companies privately about these concerns, we will also work with other investors or speak publically to the press where we haven’t seen progress.

Our full historic voting records can be found in our voting database, and our approach to a number of market-specific issues are detailed in our UK Voting Policy and Global Voting Policy. Contact us for further information.

Stewardship and responsible investment 2021 report

The 2021 report covers our approach to stewardship, our engagement activity with companies and how we integrate ESG into our decision making.

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