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Responsible property investment

RLAM is a key player in the UK commercial property investment market, investing on behalf of the Royal London Group and external pension fund clients. 

We are committed to a rigorous and detailed investment process, adding value and maximising returns by taking a distinctive perspective on property use, letting and development. In undertaking such processes we acknowledge that our business and investment activities have environmental impacts through the use of energy, natural resources and the production of waste.

Policies and targets

We have created a number of policies, targets and statements of achievement in order to provide more structure to our sustainable investment goals.

Our RLAM Property Sustainability Policy sets out our overriding aims and ambitions with regard to Sustainable Investment. We aim to uphold the aims of sustainable development:

  • to enhance the economic, social and environmental benefits of our work
  • to reduce, as far as is viable, the environmental impact of our developments.

Environmental objectives

In addition to compliance with relevant environmental legislation, our commitment includes setting clear environmental objectives (and, where possible, specific targets), developing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing procedures to achieve these objectives, as well as maintaining a continuous improvement in environmental performance.


Wherever we undertake development activities, including refurbishment and new construction, we will endeavour to ensure that:

  • development plans meet the relevant environmental sustainability policies of the local planning authority;
  • environmental criteria are included in the design brief, in particular with regard to the reduction of demolition arisings and construction waste sent to landfill, the selection of new and recycled content and construction materials and the reduction of carbon emissions from energy use; and
  • our contractors and suppliers manage the construction process so as to minimise pollution and the production of waste.

We also consider it vital to clearly communicate our environmental policy to our consultants, contractors, suppliers and agents, and give consideration only to those who can demonstrate that they share and will implement the environmental standards consistent with our own.

Property management

With regard to the ongoing management of our investment property portfolios, we will endeavour to reduce the use of energy, water and other natural resources and to undertake regular maintenance and improvement programmes to ensure properties operate at their highest environmental efficiency.

Having established a Sustainability Policy, we have also created Sustainable Property Management Targets, covering both refurbishment and development schemes as well as the ongoing property management of the investment portfolio.  We work very closely with our external managing agents to ensure that we constantly review, challenge and improve our sustainability targets and goals.