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Fund information and factsheets

In this section you can explore our funds and access factsheets, prices, performance and fund literature. 

Additional key documents: Dealing calendars for 2022 - UK funds and Irish funds.

Assessment of Value reports for 2021 RLUTM and RLUM; and Dilution FAQs

Please note that the prices for the following funds are calculated to a greater number of decimal places than shown on this page: Royal London Absolute Return Government Bond Fund; Royal London Cash Plus Fund; Royal London Enhanced Cash Plus Fund; Royal London Global Bond Opportunities Fund; Royal London Global High Yield Bond Fund; Royal London Global Sustainable Credit Fund; Royal London Multi-Asset Credit Fund; Royal London Short Duration Global High Yield Bond Fund; Royal London Short Duration Plus Fund; Royal London Short-Term Money Market Fund; Royal London Sterling Extra Yield Bond Fund; and all RLPPC funds.  

To obtain the full dealing price on a particular dealing day, please either contact us on +353 18 53 87 97 for Irish domiciled funds or 03456 04 04 04 for UK domiciled funds, or download the price using the Document Builder tool in the ‘Quick Links’ section of the relevant fund share class below.

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