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About RLAM

Royal London Asset Management is one of the UK’s leading fund management companies, managing assets on behalf of a wide range of clients.

Our story

Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) was set up in 1988 as an in-house asset management business for a relatively small mutual life insurance company. The following 30 years have seen both RLAM and its parent enjoy huge success to become significant parts of their relative sectors within the UK financial services industry.

RLAM is a unique asset manager: with a mutual ownership structure and managing around £147 billion of assets (as at 31 March 2021), RLAM has a long history of success, delivering key investment strategies in equity and bond investing for its clients.

That success is built on a culture of free, fresh and innovative thinking and investment strategy. That results in a measured, stable and independent approach to managing assets, which eschews fads, passing trends or a ‘me too’ take on investing. Our fund managers thoroughly understand the markets they invest in, which gives us the confidence to maintain non-consensus positions where we have strong opinions.


Photograph of Andrew Carter, CEO of RLAM
Andrew Carter, CEO

CEO message

Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Carter

"Asset management can sometimes seem like an industry that is determined to make life complex. At RLAM, we like to keep it simple. We make our clients’ lives easier by focusing on clients and their needs: providing them with excellent investment solutions and then providing strong customer service around these. Just as important as delivering today is investing in tomorrow to keep delivering for you.

This isn’t always easy: the changing needs of our clients, an evolving regulatory backdrop and shifting political and social trends can make it feel harder to achieve these goals. We aim to make it easier to navigate these changes.

Our vision is to be an asset manager that provides the right solution, at the right time and in the right way. This means we focus only on investment areas where we genuinely feel we can offer something different or better than what is in the market at the time. But it also means running a responsible business – both in the assets that we manage on your behalf, and the way that we recruit and treat our staff. Many of our clients and people joining our company tell us that RLAM has always been a different kind of asset manager, and that’s how we want it stay.”

Appointment of Hans Georgeson as CEO

Hans Georgeson will be appointed as Chief Executive Officer – subject to regulatory approval and will succeed Andrew Carter.

With over 25 years’ financial services experience, Hans joins RLAM from AXA Group where he spent 10 years as CEO of Architas Asset Management, overseeing its growth from a start-up UK business to a 300-person investment company, responsible for over £40 billion of assets across 12 countries in Europe and Asia.

Prior to this Hans held a number of senior executive roles at Barclays Wealth, where he was responsible for its UK and European retail investment business. He was previously an executive director at Gerrard Investment Management, and ran a retail trading business earlier in his career.

Our clients and investment capabilities

RLAM's success has been driven by our focus on meeting client needs. 

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Corporate and Social Responsibility

At Royal London, the Corporate and Social Responsibility CSR programme supports our wider purpose – protecting today and investing in tomorrow. As a responsible company, and a mutual, creating a programme to support the communities in which we work was an obvious step.

Today we have more than 70 local CSR champions across the business to lead on local activity, and employees are given two volunteering days a year.

We have a number of initiatives that are run at a ‘Group’ level, such as a volunteering partnership with The Silver Line, where our people commit to talking to a lonely older person for 30 minutes once a week.

But as well as acting as part of the Royal London Group, RLAM has a number of local initiatives as well.

We have a local charity partner, The Food Chain, an organisation that provides vital groceries and hot meals for the most vulnerable people living with HIV in London.

We also work with the East London Business Alliance (ELBA), an organisation that helps build connections between businesses and communities in east London and beyond, to create a positive impact, strengthen communities and help tackle the issues that determine social mobility. Support for ELBA included a Women in Work day for BAME students and a Christmas Toy appeal.