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Our views 25 August 2020

Quantum leap

By Mike Fox, Head of Sustainable Investments

5 min read

Mike Fox believes that Covid-19 has done more for sustainable investing in four months than the last 10 years.

The last few months have turned the world upside down with Covid-19 leading to lockdowns unprecedented even in wartime. The social and financial costs are still unknown, but the impact has been staggering. Financial markets fell precipitously in March, only to recover some or all of their losses, buoyed by huge stimulus packages and an end to lockdowns.

Yet it would be a mistake to conclude that life will be back to normal for some time. And some things will never go back to how they were – there really will be a ‘new normal’, even when social distancing, facemasks and other measures are a distant memory. The pandemic will catalyse changes that were already happening, having a considerable impact on financial markets.

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