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Our views 06 November 2019

Sustainable investing AD2029

By Mike Fox, Head of Sustainable Investments

5 min read

Mike Fox, manager of Royal London Asset Management’s sustainable fund range, outlines how sustainable investing might develop over the next decade.

In earlier articles, I described the sustainable investing landscape and looked back at how the sector has changed over the 10 years since we launched the Royal London Sustainable Diversified and Sustainable World Trusts. As a reminder, we think of sustainable investing in two ways: products and services that help the transition to a more sustainable society, and companies showing leadership in managing the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues they face.

This time, I look at how the sector might evolve over the next decade. Full disclosure from the outset, however: whatever some fund managers may think, we don’t have magic powers to divine the future. So, rather than engaging in ‘futurology’, I’ll consider how current trends could develop.

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