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The United Kingdom formally left the European Union on 31 January 2020. There is now a transition period which will last until 31 December 2020 while the UK and EU negotiate additional arrangements. During this period, the UK remains in the EU single market and customs union.

This statement represents our current thinking (as at 1 June 2020).

The future trading relationship and implications of Brexit remain uncertain and the impact upon financial markets and therefore the value of our customers’ investments remain unknown. During this period we continue to monitor political developments and are engaging with our regulators, so we can minimise any regulatory or operational difficulties that might arise. We are committed to providing the service our customers expect whatever the resulting outcome.  

For customers who are currently, and will continue to be, permanently resident in the UK, there will be no impact. We, at Royal London, have taken the relevant steps to ensure that, even where the holding is in an Irish domiciled fund, you can continue to hold and invest further. The relevant funds are:

  • Royal London Sterling Extra Yield Bond Fund
  • Royal London Global High Yield Bond Fund
  • Royal London Short Duration Global High Yield Bond Fund
  • Royal London Absolute Return Government Bond Fund
  • Royal London Global Bond Opportunities Fund
  • Royal London Sterling Liquidity Money Market Fund
  • Royal London Multi Asset Credit Fund 
  • Royal London Short Duration Plus Fund 

Where the customer holding is in a UK domiciled fund (i.e. not shown above) there may be some changes to the regulatory framework. We will be in touch if, and when, this happens to provide some further information.

A small number of our customers are currently, or may in the future, be resident within the European Union / European Economic Area. Following the outcome of the Brexit negotiations there should be no impact upon their ability to be able to continue to hold their existing investment, but the outcome may affect the ability of those customers to invest further.  You should contact your financial adviser.

We will update our website with further information and/or actions you may need to take that are relevant to your investment as soon as we are able.

More information on this topic is available on the Royal London Group website. Go to the Brexit page on our Group website. 

For more information on the funds or the risks of investing, please refer to the fund factsheet, Prospectus or Key Investor Information Document (KIID), available in the Our funds section on our investor websites.