Sustainable investing

Being a responsible investor remains a core part of how RLAM operates. The team we acquired from The Co-operative Asset Management has extensive experience in running sustainable funds and we can evidence that this style of investment, done well, can outperform the market, producing strong and steady returns.

Our capabilities

RLAM’s suite of five sustainable funds seek to invest in companies that are well positioned to benefit from products and services that help solve major environmental and social challenges and manage their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks better than average.

Our process

In pursuit of sustainable returns, these funds will avoid investing in certain companies. For example, the sustainable funds will not invest in any company that:

  • Manufactures armaments or produces or sells torture equipment
  • Manufactures tobacco
  • Generates nuclear power
  • Has unacceptable corporate governance

In addition, the sustainable funds will also normally avoid companies that derive a material proportion of its business (typically 10% or more of revenues or comparable measure) from, for example:

  • Military applications or weaponry
  • Animal fur products
  • Pornography
  • Gambling

The Funds will also avoid companies testing products on animals other than for human health where legal alternatives are available. The Funds avoid companies in sectors with extremely high environmental impacts, including fossil fuels and mining, unless there are strong mitigating factors. Consequently, our sustainable funds have much lower carbon intensity than the funds tracking the FTSE All-Share.

In addition to our range of sustainable funds, RLAM’s product range includes a number of straightforward ethical investment solutions focused on applying negative screens: