UK Opportunities Fund

This Fund was renamed the UK Opportunities Fund on 21 January 2011. Prior to this it was known as the UK Special Situations Fund.

Fund overview

The Fund aims to achieve capital growth by investing across the entire UK equity market and the manager takes high conviction stock and sector positions. UK Opportunities is a ‘best ideas’ fund and invests in a concentrated portfolio of typically 30-40 stocks. The manager seeks to identify companies whose market value is below their long-term worth and which, he believes, have the ability to provide strong returns for shareholders.

Fund manager

Craig Yeaman joined RLAM in November 2017 from Saracen Fund Managers to take over the running of the RL UK Opportunities Fund. Craig started his fund management career in 1999 at Clydesdale Bank before joining Glasgow Investment Managers in 2001 where he was Manager of both Shires Income PLC and Shires Smaller Companies PLC Investment Trusts. In August 2007, following the takeover of GIM, Craig transferred to Aberdeen Asset Management before joining Saracen Fund Managers in 2008. Craig has a degree in Economics and Marketing from Strathclyde University.

Investment approach

The manager is a bottom up stock-picker and there is a quality bias in each of the holdings within the Fund. Stock selection, based on thorough company research including meeting management teams, is the main driver of performance for the Fund. The manager has a preference for companies with robust balance sheets and believes cash earnings are the driver of share price appreciation.

The Fund has a long-term investment horizon thereby allowing the earnings of the underlying company to compound.  The Fund will maintain its holding so long as the business performs as expected and the valuation remains attractive. The manager seeks to opportunistically take advantage of stock market volatility by adding to existing holdings if prices weaken and conversely reducing positions if valuations become extreme.

The Fund itself is typically invested in between 30-40 stocks and each position is meaningful in the pursuit of delivering superior returns for shareholders.

Product Risk Warning

Past performance is not a guide to future performance. The value of investments and the income from them is not guaranteed and may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. For funds that use derivatives, their use may be beneficial, however, they also involve specific risks. Derivatives may alter the economic exposure of a fund over time, causing it to deviate from the performance of the broader market.