Experience, conviction, performance

RLAM has a suite of compelling equity products that offer a new perspective on the UK and overseas stock markets. Our managers are building strong reputations for their funds, based on their distinctive investment approaches and their impressive performance relative to their peer groups.

Quite simply, by employing experienced, proven fund managers and letting them manage assets in a way that suits their natural investment styles, we have been able to deliver superior returns for our clients.

Active and passive

We offer a range of both active and passive equity funds. We believe that both strategies have their place as part of a balanced portfolio. Those markets that are large, liquid and mature can be good candidates for passive investments. Our range of tracker funds focuses on these markets and offers a cost effective solution.

However, we are also believers in the long-term value that active management can add. Our experienced active equity managers are allowed to manage assets in a way that suits their natural investment styles. In this way we are able to offer our clients a distinctive range of equity funds.

The importance of experience

With an average of 16 years’ investment experience across RLAM’s 27-strong equity team, our fund managers can use their extensive market knowledge, built through good times and bad. Together, they manage around £40.7 billion of assets giving them significant access to senior company management (as at 30.06.2020).

A high conviction approach

Within agreed risk parameters, our fund managers are free to back their investment decisions with a high conviction approach, avoiding the ‘ballast’ of many other funds and making sure each holding competes for its place in the portfolio.

At RLAM, we believe in backing our fund managers to do what they do best: using their own, proven management styles to add value. Ideas are shared through a series of formal and informal meetings, but each fund manager has ultimate responsibility for how their fund is structured, according to their own investment style. Funds are not managed using model portfolios, nor are our fund managers required to hold any stock they do not personally believe in.

We believe this provides a stimulating environment for our managers but also has direct benefits for our investors.