RLAM is one of the UK’s leading providers of cash investments, having offered specialist cash management services since 1987. We manage around £14.6 billion in cash assets (as at 30.06.2020).

Our funds

We have developed a comprehensive range of funds to cater for the changing needs of our clients; offering a high degree of liquidity and diversification as well as each meeting varying risk/ return expectations. Our Funds have been created with the aim of delivering a combination of security and liquidity that our clients need through a well-diversified cash portfolio consisting of high quality, diversified financial and non-financial names.

Our approach

We believe that the key to achieving consistent long-term performance is through controlled portfolio construction. The Funds supplement investment in cash, deposits and money market instruments with allocations to short dated covered bonds, gilts, supranational bonds, corporate, asset backed and mortgage backed securities (ABS and MBS) and tactical positions in medium-term gilts depending on the Fund’s remit and objective. Their aim is to deliver a positive return in a range of market conditions.

With flexibility to manage interest rate and credit risk, the managers may take advantage of opportunities to capture short-term movements in the government bond and credit spreads.

RL Cash Plus Fund Factsheet

RL Enhanced Cash Plus Fund Factsheet

RL Short-Term Money Market Fund Factsheet

RL Sterling Liquidity Money Market Fund Factsheet