Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) is one of the UK's leading fund management companies for the not-for-profit sector. We pride ourselves on the range of investment options we offer, providing service to a variety of clients including charities, universities, building societies, credit unions and housing associations.

Our focus is firmly set on achieving the best possible returns in a risk controlled manner for the not-for-profit organisations who entrust us with their assets. In addition we focus on investing in companies who make a net benefit to society or for ethical reasons are not investable. 

Investing assets on behalf of such organisations requires an appreciation of this sector as well as expert knowledge of our own sector. Our success is based on truly understanding the investment objectives and challenges of the not-for-profit organisations we manage assets for and using our in-depth market knowledge to exploit the market opportunities that will help us meet these requirements. We believe that the experience and skills of our fund management team which includes our socially responsible investment team working in unison set us apart, giving us an edge in a highly competitive market. Quite simply, by exploring parts of the market that others often overlook, our fund managers are able to add value to our clients’ portfolios.

At RLAM we can work with you to construct a dynamic portfolio according to your specific requirements. We offer:

  • Capital growth opportunities
  • Maintenance of capital values with income generation
  • Cash plus solutions
  • Multi asset capabilities
  • Ethical and socially responsible investing

We aim to achieve this with a combination of asset classes including:

  • Fixed income
  • Cash
  • Sustainable
  • Multi asset 
  • Equities
  • Property

For further information about our products and capabilities please contact us.