Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) is part of the Royal London Group, the UK’s largest mutual insurer. Over 50% of the assets we manage are insurance assets. Our mutual ownership means that we invest for the long term, on behalf of both our clients and ourselves.

Royal London has managed insurance assets within the UK for over 150 years. We believe that our understanding of the unique needs of insurance companies makes us well placed to help other insurers manage their own assets. We appreciate that insurance investment objectives are determined by a complex network of stakeholders such as policyholders, regulators, rating agencies and shareholders or members (mutual ownership).

We believe insurance investment management requires a dedicated partner with an understanding of the local insurance industry; therefore we have built our insurance proposition on three core areas:

Insurance Investing

Insurance Solutions

Insurance Client Services

Creating investment portfolios for insurers to meet their business objectives

e.g. Duration, liquidity, risk appetite

Shaping solutions to include regulatory capital and actuarial considerations

e.g. Understanding the Solvency II implications on various investment strategies

Supporting insurance clients with non-standard insurance reporting

e.g. Look through on assets, unique security classifications

Our areas of expertise cover a range of asset classes for our insurance clients, including:

  • Fixed income
  • Cash
  • Multi asset
  • Sustainable
  • Equities
  • Property

The current regulatory proposal for insurers is encouraging an increased demand for investment data within a robust governance framework. Royal London Asset Management recognises the need to support its insurance partners with insurance specialised client services. We believe traditional investment data reporting provided to most insurers will not be adequate under the Solvency II regime.

We are keen to work with you to address both your investment and insurance reporting requirements. For further information about our products and capabilities please contact us.