Royal London Asset  Management is one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist cash management services. Jointly managing around £5.2 billion in cash assets with our Guernsey-based sister company, RLAM C.I., we manage money for over 300 clients ranging in size from £1 million to over £300 million.

How we work

We offer a traditional, “safety first” approach to cash management, investing only in conventional money market instruments such as Treasury Bills, bank deposits and certificates of deposit, to ensure the security of our clients’ assets.

As a specialist cash manager, we understand that your short term cash needs can vary widely, reflecting the day to day demands of your organisation. We construct portfolios based on your individual needs, meaning that we manage each portfolio on a customised, segregated basis.

In addition, because we undertake the entire process of placing, settling and reporting of cash transactions, we can be viewed as an additional resource to our clients’ own internal treasury functions.

Pooled and bespoke cash solutions

We manage pooled funds and segregated mandates for cash clients. For clients who require a pooled structure, we provide the Royal London Short Term Money Market Fund Royal London Cash Plus Fund and the Royal London Enhanced Cash Plus Fund. Equally, many clients prefer to set up standalone, segregated portfolios, using a tailored list of agreed counterparties and permissible investments.